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Fly on the Wall with Shrub & Cloudbear


Time for something a little different…my buddy

and I talk from time to time over the phone, and he had a great idea recently when we were shooting the breeze on the market — “hey as long as we’re catching up on the markets why don’t we just record it, have some fun.” So while not meant to be anything formal or regular, if there’s ever anything going on where he and I would chat on the phone on the markets, we’ll just record it and throw it on each other’s substacks/shrubstacks for listeners who want to eavesdrop on what we’re thinking about.

I should apologize as I tried using new earbuds that had the mic turned down, so I sound a little fainter than Shrub, but figured we should throw it out there anyway and see if you guys like it (I am a tech newb but will have it sorted out for next time!)… let me know if you like this idea!

As always kindly yours,

Paulo aka Cloudbear

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